Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm So Freaked Out!

Yesterday, I was a total idiot, and now, I'm suffering the concequences.

At about 4pm yesterday, the doorbell rang. The Bear, of course, went running to the door with me following close behind. He opened the door, and the screen security door, and standing there was one of those punk kids "selling magazines". He started his speech an I attempted to corral The Bear.

"Blah, blah, blah, " he said.
"I can't buy anything." I said
" I need to have proof that I'm doing my job, can I use your table there (just inside the door) to write on?" he said.
"Sure," I said as I tried to pull The Bear inside.

So, he sat down at my coffee table, (yes, I know...in no way should I have let him in!) and asked me a couple of questions, which I answered as shortly as possible. Then he says,

"You look like a cool chick, can I tell you a semi-dirty joke?"
"NO!" I say...moving toward the door.
"Are you a Christian or something."
" Yes, I am...please leave."
"Well, wouldn't you like to buy a magazine and donate it to one of these organizations?" he says, showing me a paper.
"No, I can't afford to anything right now with Christmas coming up."
"It must be nice to live in such a big house and not be able to afford anything", he says in an obnoxious tone.
"Well...do you have any neighbors I can talk to?"
"NO...I don't know my neighbors that well."
"Well....how nice...isn't that how we all stay friends?"

At this point I'm shoving him out the door while trying to pull The Bear in.
I shut the door and call Cheez, who says he is coming home right away, then I call for Clinton to come downstairs. I told Clinton to check outside to see if the guy had left, and he says,

"You mean the guy sitting on the sidewalk, talking to the cops?"

Yes, one of my neighbors had called the cops on the guy. After several minutes, the cop let him go. I then said I wanted to talk to him. The cop told me that he had ran this guy's license and he has a warrent out for his arrest in Oregon, but that he wasn't "officially" doing anything wrong and they couldn't pick him up. He said that several neighbors had called to complain, but that there was nothing he could do. He said the guy was probably casing out place to come back to and rob. NICE! He said he told him to not return to the area and to get out of Mesa completely. Yeah, right.

So, now, I'm scared to death to be in my house. I'm afraid the guy is going to come back to rob us, or hurt me or The Bear. I had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep last night, and Cheez's boss wouldn't let him work from home today.

I am carrying a knife and my cell phone with me everywhere. Cheez said he was sure that everything would be fine, but I'm not.

Why am I such an idiot?


Katherine said...

You're not an idiot. You're a nice person. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not nice people out there and you met one. I'm seriously appalled that the police couldn't arrest the guy if there is actually an outstanding warrant on him in another state. That doesn't seem right to me. It sounds like you're being vigilant in keeping safe. Maybe you could type up something to put in your neighbors' mailboxes about what happened. Just ask everyone to be alert and watch out for each other. It make you feel a little safer and I bet everyone would cooperate.

Bree said...

You are not the idiot. The idiot is the freak with the magazines. Luckily your whole neighborhood is probably aware of this guy and everyone will be extra vigilant.

What a creep.

peebugg said...


At least nothing "physically harmful" happened yesterday. Instead of the knife you might think about some massive pepper spray. They have some that will knock down a bear..that should take care of him!!! and won't stain your carpets with his body fluids. (nice visual huh)

I don't think you're an idiot, you were nice and he was taking advantage of it. And I'm with Katherine...if there is an outstanding warrant...why not haul his punk booty in???

Can you call the non-emergency police number and ask for extra drive-bys of officers for a few days??? I know they do that here I'm just not sure about larger cities.

Keep the cell phone always handy, possibly a baseball bat by the front door and LOCK EVERYTHING!!!

Thoughts and prayers go with you...

SalGal said...

I second these motions.

Plus, you can always pray...

Brittany said...

I say you pull a gun on the punk.

Jillian said...


Gosh, I hate that you had to go through that. Your kindness was taken advantage of and now you're feeling really vulnerable. That stinks.

You're not an idiot.

The Bible says, "God has not given us a spirit of fear." Do not succumb to the terror that is seeking to tear you down.

(((((Big hugs))))

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