Friday, November 10, 2006


I have been blessed with the opportunity to have a much needed weekend away. Some friends are heading up to Northern Arizona for a little "girls getaway". The really happy news?? The rest of the girls are only staying Friday night, but the place is reserved and paid for until Sunday. That means that I will get to spend most of Saturday day, and all night, ALL ALONE! I will get to work on projects, read, sleep or WHATEVER I WANT!

I really need this SO bad! I need to regroup and re-energize before the holiday mess starts. And to make it even better, if that's possible, I am leaving a list of chores for my family to do while I'm gone. And they reluctantly agreed to do them. That way, I will come home on Sunday to a CLEAN HOUSE. Ahhhhhh.....I can feel the relaxation coming already. If I can just get through today!

Happy Weekend To You!

I just talked to my mom and told her about my weekend. I told her I was so excited to have time to myself, and she said,

"Well, I guess that would be ok. I think I would be wishing my kids were there.'



Katherine said...

Have a great time! Perhaps your mom was speaking from a grandma's point of view instead of a mom's!!

SalGal said...

Dude, does your mom have dimentia? Because I'm thinking that is the ONLY reason she would say something like that. Any person with all her marbles wouldn't wish for her kids on a weekend like that!

Yay, you! I highly recommend Mommies Only weekends. Even if it's just you!

OldGuy said...

Yeah sure, just what you want on a weekend getaway, the kids.


Domestic Goddess said...

time away to do what ever you want!! have a fabulous time!

peebugg said...

Have fun for me too!!!!!

Bree said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time!!

DramaMama said...

I found your blog thru your hubby. He found mine because of my user name. I guess we use the same one! I told him that I'm just glad I didn't steal your title! LOL!

Anyway, I lived in Mesa up until 2002. I LOVE Northern AZ so have a great time on your get away! Sounds lovely! Oh and I also have 2 boys and a 42 year old hubby. Scary!

GeminiWisdom said...

I would SO like to have one of these weekends. Even though I don't have kids.