Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Bear and I are sick. We feel like manure. I just got back from Urgent Care, and The Bear has Bronchitis. This will defiantly throw a wrench into his surgery that is scheduled for Monday. We've been waiting so long for this surgery, now, who knows when we will be able to reschedule it for.

Clinton has his Band Award's Banquet tonight. Guess I'll have to just send him and Cheez. I'm supposed to bring a side dish. Do you think anyone would notice if I just warmed up a couple of cans of baked beans and sent that?

It is crappy being sick, but doubly crappy when your child is sick at the same time. I hope this means we are getting our annual "holiday cold" over with early!


Domestic Goddess said...

what a bummer. Hope you feel better for the holidays. I say send canned beans or buy some potato salad from the supermarket.
I didn't know Bear was going to have surgery. fill me in!

Jennifer said...

Drama Mama!! Email me, you won my 100th post contest, the second prize. $10 starbucks card. I couldn't email you, so email me and give me your snail mail so I can get it out to you.

Jenny (homeiswhereyoustartfrom)

Jennifer said...

oh, my email would be nice...

Jenny (homeiswhereyoustartfrom)