Monday, November 13, 2006

I had a very nice and relaxing weekend, away from the fam. I was able to get 1/2 way through 2 different projects and do some reading. It was so nice to have time to myself. Is it weird that it didn't seem long enough?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?? Have you started your Holiday plans and shopping?


peebugg said...

I bought a turkey...does that count????

I have done some Christmas shopping.

I'm glad you got some time to yourself to regroup, we all need that some times

DramaMama said...

haven't even begun preparing for the holidays. it's sad, but tradition:)

glad you had a nice weekend!

I'm having my first edition of "girls night" this friday. it's Fondue night! WOOT! We hope to make it a regular thing and rotate houses each month. I can't wait!

Domestic Goddess said...

Haven't even started the preparations for Thanksgiving.

I am glad you had some alone time. It is much needed!

Did the boys do their cleaning?

Dave said...

Official Report on the Boys by CheezWeezil:

1) Clinton did his work
2) Kayden did his work
3) Dave did... some work. I did do some stuff that wasn't on the list, such as cleaning the garage. Now that was a colossal job, and hurt my back, so it made hand-washing the dishes fun. The dishwasher was broken. Handy Dandy Gillman fixed it for us, but needed me to help because... well... he hurt his back. So there we were Mr. Hurty and Mr. Ouchy working on the dishwasher. This took an hour out of my cleaning time, so I wasn't done when DramaMama returned. I did however continue working and the kitchen look fabulous.

The dusting and the floor mopping didnt get done, but there you are. I traded those for the garage.

Katherine said...

Ack, holidays. Like Thanksgiving. Christmas, not so much. I have actually started my shopping because we are exchanging gifts with my family at Thanksgiving. Xmas will be spent with the husband's family - big sigh. I just hate putting up all the decorations and then having to take them down and pack them away. Why can't someone else do the packing up??

Jennifer said...

drama mama,

just stopping by to tell you that you won the 2nd place prize in my 100th post contest! So, I will get your $10 starbuck's card out to you as soon as you email me your snail mail address.
I emailed you too, but thought I would leave a note here too, just in case.