Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cookie Train Day!

One of the Holiday Traditions in Cheez's family is to get together and make cookie trains.
We all go over to Cheez's dad's house and he teaches the everyone the fine art
of turning cookies and candy into houses and trains. It's such a fun tradition.
When they're done, everyone has their picture taken with Grandpa!
Clinton and Grandpa

James working on his train

Cheez, The Bear and Grandpa with their finished train

Much ado on Cookie Train Day!


SalGal said...

That looks so way fun!! We'll have to start a gingerbread house tradition on Thanksgiving Weekend!!

G.W. Mama said...

What a FUN tradition! I wanna make a cookie train! :-D Looks like everyone had a great time--next time, I'm tagging along!!!


Domestic Goddess said...

oh, we missed cookie day. I am so sad.

Katherine said...

That is the coolest idea ever! Your family is quite talented and very creative.

peebugg said...

very cool, I WANT ONE!!

....and it looks so warm there!!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I love these kind of holiday traditions. It's my first time here! Nice post! I love your blog title. I always knew there was a guide!!!!!!!! :)