Saturday, November 18, 2006

Big Milestone

Today was a big, BIG day at our house. Clinton got his DRIVERS LICENSE! WOOOO HOOOO for Clinton!!

We went to the DMV at 7am to wait in line, and it was worth the wait. By 8, when the place opened, the line streched around the building. Clinton was the 2nd person of the day to take the drivers exam. He passed with flying colors...of course. Did we have any doubts that he wouldn't?

His first solo trip was down the street to Lowe's to by some rope. He asked if he could go alone, and when I said yes, he ran over and hugged me. I have to tell you, that NEVER happens!

What a good day!

On another note, The Bear has his first loose tooth! It should be out by's barely hanging in there!


Bree said...

Congrats to Clinton! That's awesome. Gotta love the freedom of driving alone.

Congrats to Bear too on the loose tooth!

Katherine said...

Yay for Clinton! That's great. I guess "yay" for you too, since I suppose you won't have to chauffer him around now. Are you prepared to become the Tooth Fairy? What's the going rate these days?? I got 10 cents!

Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, man... I am so not looking forward to these days with my boys. ;)

Thanks for posting a comment on my "Giving Thanks for Mothers" contest.

I have laughed, and I sure have cried while reading through all the entries. And I've RE-READ them all since coming home from my conference, too.

I wish I could post ALL of them as winners, maybe send out some more books from my winnowed out collection. ;)

But I've FIANLLY published a winner and invite you to come on by and check out my post. I am working on a sidebar link to the winning post, but also a link to the contest post with ALL of the listed entries.

Domestic Goddess said...

wow, that is exciting. We get our first teenage driver early next year.

Brittany said...

Gaaaah! I wish I could drive!