Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend Events Part 2

Trunk or Treat!
Every year our Church has a great Halloween Party! This year, Cheez took The Bear and his friend, while I helped Clinton get ready for Homecoming. The boys had a great time and went home with more treats than a 5 year old could possibly need!

The most "angelic" looking Batman ever!



We think it's so cute that The Bear wanted an Elmo pail. I tried to talk him into Superman but he

said he needed Elmo. "He's my guy", he said.


peebugg said...

Wow...check out the Bear's Six Pack!!!

Looks like they had fun....and Elmo is always cool

Domestic Goddess said...

Well, If he is his guy, he definitely needs Elmo.
cutie patootie

monica said...

Ohhh he's my guy, how cute is that?

G.W. Mama said...

Oh---Bear looks so sweet in his Bat Man costume! Jacob loves Elmo too! Glad you had a fun "Trunk or Treat" time! Our Ward does that too!

Love ya!

Rascal said...

Hello Drama Mama. Wendy sent me. You have quite a few blogs to choose from . Hope I got the right one. Great crew of superheros you've got there.

Bree said...

The world is in good hands with these cute Superheroes!

Kukka-Maria said...

I swear...if only all superheroes were as open-minded when choosing a sidekick (pail) as your Batman, there would be so much less evil in the world!

I'm here via Wendy Wings! Great photos!