Monday, October 23, 2006

Bear Antics

Yesterday was the Children's Program at Church. All year, the kids learn lots songs to sing, and each child has a small spoken part assigned to them. The Bear's part was, "The teachings in the scriptures give me comfort and courage." We practiced and practiced for weeks. We had all the songs on a CD that I played in the car, and he knew EVERY word.

Well, as I said, yesterday was the program. My mom was here to see him and also Dave's dad. As we were sitting in the chapel, waiting for time to start, The Bear started saying, "I'm a little shy to do my part." This developed into a tearful, "I'm not going up there!", by the time it started. Dave told him he would go up there with him, but there was no room, so he sat on the front row where The Bear could see him. He wasn't too excited to be left up in the choir seats, but he didn't fuss too much. The program started, and all the kids were sitting quietly in their seats, except for Bear. He refused to sit, that is, until it was time for all the kids so stand for the first song, then he sat.

The first song was "Scripture Power", his favorite. Although he was sitting, I could see his mouth moving ever so slightly. When the song was over, and the other kids sat down, he stood up and started crying, loudly, "I NEED MY SCRIPTURES!" (You see, when they practice the song, all the kids hold up their scriptures when they sing the chorus:
"Scripture Power, keeps me safe from sin."
"Scripture Power, is the power to win"

My mom leaned over and said, "Maybe no one noticed." yeah right!

Throughout the program, we could see him bouncing in his seat, crawling under it, making faces at his friends and various other non-reverent behavior. His teacher tried her best, but no go. His speaking part came about 3/4 through the program. My mom said she didn't think there was any way they would get him to walk up to the microphone. But...he did! And he said his part...sort of!

"The teachings in the scriptures, comfortncourage."

Then, instead of returning to his seat, he ran right down the stairs and back to the pews to sit with us. This got quite a big chuckle from the congregation!

Afterward, Dave and I received many comments about how he stole the show.

That's my boy!


Domestic Goddess said...

Hey, at least he got up and did his part. Way-to-go Bear!

Bree said...

Primary programs are the best. And they aren't complete unless there is at least one kid being disruptive! Go Bear!

peebugg said...


at least you got him to stay on stage....and now the program is a lasting "good" memory!!!!

SalGal said...

I love SCRIPTshur power!! Our program is this coming Sunday. Thanks for the giggles, it sounded just like something my kids would do!