Friday, September 01, 2006

You did what?

Let me preface this post by saying that I've been really sick the last couple of days. I feel like total crap and need a nap.

So, we have been having many potty training issues with The Bear. His neurologist has told us that the reason we are having them is because his brain is not sending the signals that he needs to go, therefore, with no feeling, we are still changing pull-ups. This is very frustrating. If he has an accident at school, I have to drive over there to change him. So far it has only happened one day, but it happened twice in that day. I am at my wits end. Cheez is at his wits end.

Have you ever seen that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray grounds the kids from watching TV and Deborah goes ballistic because that's like sentencing her to terrible days? Well...Cheez go home tonight and went upstairs with The Bear to play games. Pretty soon, The Bear comes down crying, telling me that, "Daddy is NOT choosing the right". Daddy told him that he can't play games anymore. So, we had a meeting with daddy to see what the deal was. Cheez told Bear that since he had an accident while playing a game, he won't be able to play games anymore until he can go potty in the potty. This is like a life sentence to The Bear...and to me. Bear LOVES to play games on the computer, and while he does, I can do other things. No games means NIGHTMARE WHINE CITY to the mama.

I don't want to be wishy washy with The Bear, so I will try to back Cheez up on this, but I am really feeling like crap, and now I have a bear in bed with ME.

Ok...I'm gonna go drug up now. BLAH!


G.W. Mama said...

I'm SO sorry about that! We had problems potty training our son (he was 4). I had to actually pick him up from school with his potty chair seat-belted in the back seat, put him on the chair (bare-bottomed), covered him up--drove HOME that way and carried him inside to our place and left him on the chair until he went potty. This was because he would hold his pee all day, then come home and whiz on the top of our stairs! YIKES! Does the Neurologist have any tips on how to train Bear on potty training? I am also sorry that dh (dear hubby) decided to ground him from his games--that may cause him to have MORE accidents! I will say a prayer and will pass on any potty tips if I find them! God bless!

SalGal said...

If the doctor is saying that this is a neurological issue, taking away privileges until he can be trained is futile. No matter how much he wants to hold it, he obviously is not able to. Thus, you are both being tortured for no good reason! Tell Cheez that you need to talk to Bear and tell him that daddy made a mistake because he didn't understand that his (Bear's) brain doens't tell his body he needs to go potty. He knows Bear wants to go potty but his body isn't ready yet. So he can have his games back and Daddy will remind Bear to use the potty more often until Bear is able to remind himself. His age doesn't matter if his brain isn't sending the signal! My oldest didn't train until almost 4 y.o. b/c of the same reason. I just gave up trying to train him and then one day not only was he instantly trained to pee&poo in the potty, he was night trained too!

Good luck, sweetie. It's tough but at least no one ever went to college wearing a diaper!

Dave said...

I am not a monster!
-- the Elephant Man

Jillian said...

LOL Dave -- Poor mean ol' Daddy. :)

My SIL was nanny for years for a little boy (who grew into a big boy and went away to college) who had a medical condition that rendered him completely unable to feel the sensation of having to urinate or poop. He had many surgeries and lots of "hard times" but he grew up to be able to take care of himself (I don't remember the prognosis except for the fact that it wouldn't interfere with his sex life).

So is the doctor saying this is a medical condition like that? Or a temporary neurological thing?

Sounds like the best thing to do is to put him on a strict, we-sit-on-the-potty-every-time-the-timer-buzzes schedule.

Also maybe take off the pull-ups and give him cloth training underwear to wear at home, as an incentive to cooperate with the setting-a-timer method.