Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What is The Bear Watching?

It is 6:30am. I just got home from driving Clinton to Marching band. What do you think The Bear is watching this early in the morning??

Some inane crap on Nickelodeon? no
Educational childrens programming on PBS? no
A sugar coated Playhouse Disney show? no

He is reclined in his mini recliner watching Professional Bowling.

"That guy's tough like the other guy...he's going to win" , he says, cheering as a middle aged, bald man makes a strike.

"Oh yeah...oh yeah!" This he says while doing the funny, jumping "Bear" dance in front of the tv.

To make it worse, the program is on ESPN Classic, so it's a tournament from 1999!

Holy Crap! I'm going back to bed!


Bree said...

That is hilarious! I guess that's better than watching the old spelling B's on ESPN Classic. At least you've got that...right? Ha ha!

SalGal said...

How could you stop your gigglefits and go back to bed after that???

My son watches the news. Yes, the news. I don't know what he's looking for, but he's obsessed with the news. Crikey!

Domestic Goddess said...

How funny. I wish you could put the Bear dance on the blog.

Isn't it funny what kids find entertaining!

peebugg said...

lol....well at least it wasn't MTV and Bevis and Butthead re-runs...

Chicka said...

Bwa ha haaaaaaaaa....too stinkin' funny.

Dave said...

At least it wasn't professional wrestling.

He was watching boxing after you went to your club meeting. :)

I asked him "don't you think it is mean for them to hit each other?"

"That's how they win, DUH!"

Jillian said...


It's genetic, darling, and not on your side!