Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knock Three Times..,

Clinton, the drummer, has marching band every morning at 6:30. They are supposed to be on the field and ready to play at that time. So, every day at 5:30, I crawl out of bed, take a broom and bang on his wall to wake him up. (As he is upstairs and I don't want to run up and down all morning.)

The first few days, this system worked fine. But starting last week, I would bang at 5:30, then 5:45, then 5:55, where he would then jump out of bed, pull his clothes on and run down the stairs, not even stopping at the bathroom to brush his teeth or comb his hair. (Ewwww!)

What? He doesn't have his own alarm clock, you may ask? Yes, he does. But he now knows that he can sleep right on through it because he is relying on me. And today, I had to bang at 6:05 again before he got up. I am done.

Why should I get out of bed at 5:30? Why should I then wait around to bang on his wall every fifteen minutes? Why indeed! I'm not going to do it anymore. (In reality, I probably will, but I know I shouldn't. A few early morning pushups at band may be just the thing to get his butt out of bed.)

I'm an enabler. I need to repent!


Domestic Goddess said...

Isn't it hard to not be an enabler! We think - let them suffer the consequences! but it usually ends up being more punishing on the parents than on the kids. Can we ever win!?

Brittany said...

This is why you join the choir instead of the marching band.

Dave said...

I say if he doesnt get up, he misses band. That oughtta do it.