Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Update

Well, today was the last day of Clinton's summer school. He has now completed 2 full semesters of Biology in 6 weeks! How nice, right!?! Now we have a break for a week before Band Camp starts. I think he'll have a great time, but the 6:30am start time every day might get old pretty fast.

The Bear is still doing ok with his casts. We went back in on Tuesday to get them changed out. He'll wear these for 2 weeks, then we'll go in for another set to also last 2 weeks. He'll be out of the casts and into the braces just a few days before school starts. The no water/no bath thing is probably the biggest problem. It's so hot here, and swimming is usually a big part of our summer. Just not this year. And I'm an expert on sponge baths now.

James is here with us this month and The Bear couldn't be happier! He has a live in buddy to play computer/video games with every day. James is really patient with him and they're having a good time. Cheez took all the boys bowling last night while I was at a meeting. They had a great time, but the scores weren't the best. The Bear managed to beat them all with a score of ...97. Yeah, not a lot of strikes happening last night.

How's your summer going?


SalGal said...

OMG August 14th is NOT going to come fast enough!!! I can't wait for these butts to go back to school!

Dave said...

Yeah, the bowling was a little pathetic, but we had a good time.

What makes it worse was that the bumpers were up for the Bear's benefit.

I haven't bowled that bad for many years.

peebugg said...

I'm glad he is doing well in the casts!!!

and way glad he smoked the other guys at bowling!!!


Bree said...

Oh, it would be so hard to be in casts in the AZ heat! I'm so glad he's doing so well.

And fun that James is there. He's such a cool kid...adding to the 2 cool ones that are already there! :)

Strude said...

Well, I tell you what. Summer will be even better if Clinton provides us with some good "This one time, at Band Camp..." stories.

drama mama said...

I'm ashamed to say I LMBO at that movie. Every time I talk about his band camp, I think of it! LOL Good thing it's not an overnight thing!