Monday, July 24, 2006


As you may know, Cheez and I have a goal of being debt free by the end of the year. Today, I made the last payment on one of those bills that never seem to go away. WOO HOO for us!! Buh-bye Wells Fargo Financial! Adios! Hasta La Vista baby! It will feel SO good to be out of debt! I keep telling myself this as we are struggling through these next months without any of the "fun extras". (Heck...sometimes without even the stark necessities!)

Do you ever get jealous of other family members who seem to have it all?? This weekend, I became aware of the fact that Cheez's brother just bought a cabin up in Show Low. A nice place up in the pines, away from the heat of the summer here. The same family just got back from a week's cruise to Alaska. In the past few years, they have also vacationed to Hawaii and taken a Mexican Rivera cruise. These are things I would LOVE to do. It is hard for me to say, but I am EXTREMELY jealous of them! But here's the thing....I am unwilling to sell my soul to the devil of multiple credit cards and 3rd Mortgages to to make such things happen for my family. While those things would be great at the moment, the worry someone else owning our life makes it SO not worth it.

I look forward to the Peace that being out of debt will bring. Cabins and Hawaii be danged!!


peebugg said...

I think you're doing the right thing. I would love to have a new car and go on 2 week vacations to exotic places as well...but I also want to be incontrol of my life and be ruled by creditors!!!

Getting a billed finally paid off is a great feeling!!


SalGal said...

You go, girl! I am so happy for you! We are working our way out of debt as well. Only one credit card left, but it's a huge one. HUGE. I can't wait to be able to spend ALL of our money on me instead of a creditor!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch how you talk about Hawaii.

Ed Billingsley

drama mama said...

LOL!! We'd be there tomorrow if we could be!

BTW...Grandma was with us yesterday when you called. We went to lunch over at the L&B!

Di said...

Good for you. Not many people can even dream of being credit/debt free. You rock!

G.W. Mama said...

I think you will find that peace of mind is much better than hordes of debt. I used to feel like that too about people who could always go places and do things, then I realized that it was okay--okay if they did that and I didn't right now. Maybe someday. If not--well that's okay too. Maybe I'm weird, but I like simple things...sunrises, sunsets, moonlight, rain....and being free of debt (we did the same as you and your hubby and we are down to ONE CREDIT CARD TO PAY OFF! WEE HA!).

Take care!

Jillian said...


We have been digging out of terrible debt for many years now, and still have a long way to go.

Debts accrued from a failed business venture are the main cause.

Sometimes Eric and I just feel plain FRUSTRATED. He makes an excellent salary -- he really does -- and we should be WAY better off than we are. Way better. We shouldn't be struggling "paycheck to paycheck" on Eric's salary, but we are. All because of debt.

We are very anti-credit card as a result of our experience, and have consolidated the last few in order to pay them off as secure debt (saves us a couple hundred dollars a month in interest). Still, it's slow going. Ballet is expensive. Drum lessons are expensive. I end up not getting my hair done for months at a time because I need to buy homeschooling supplies. And I get very, very frustrated sometimes.

I hear you.

And I am REJOICING with you at paying off that debt. YES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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