Friday, June 23, 2006


As I have said, Clinton has been going to summer school every day this summer. Today was his final for the first "semester". As usual, Cheez dropped him off at the school at 7:30 on his way to work. At 7:40, Clinton called to tell me he was done with the test and would I come to pick him up. So, The Bear and I threw on some clothes and headed over to the school. After waiting for 30 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot on the first day, we decided that Clinton would walk over to the office buildings next door and wait there for me to pick him up, saving us from dealing with the hassle of the lot. Today was the same. I picked him up right in the same place I always do.

As he got in the car, he informed me that a lady had pulled a gun on him just a few minutes before I got there. He said he was just wandering around the lot when she pulled up in her car next to him and pointed a gun at him. She called him names and told him if she ever saw him near her car again, she would shoot him. Then she drove off. Of course, he didn't get her license number, but thinks in was an older Celica.

What do I do? It seems like it would have had to be an employee from the building because it was so early. On Monday, I think I will take Clinton over and see if he can identify the car, then go around and see if I can find the lady. Do you have any bright ideas???


Anonymous said...

Call the cops. Don't mess with crazy people!!!

Ed Billingsley

monica said...

OMG! Call the cops!

Anonymous said...

It seems likely this lady’s (using the word loosely) car has been vandalized at some time in the near past and that is why she is crazy. If this is the case, the police may know who she is. If you have not called them, do so and see if they have a report from a lady, in a car like the one Clinton saw, in the recent past.

Ed Billingsley

SalGal said...

Um, psychopath alert!! Just find the car, get the plates and call the cops!

Chicka said...

I tried to leave a message before, but Blogger has been messing with me. And I can't find your email address! Gah!

Anyway, what I said was something like this:

Call the cops, march in to the building with security at your side and do not let this go. I'm sure you already know what *could* have happened, so there's no need to rehash that. But honestly, in my state, if she's carrying and doesn't have a permit, that's criminal - ESPECIALLY when you work in a field with children.

Do NOT let this go. And do NOT take care of it alone. That is insane - burned before or not. That woman had NO RIGHT to endanger your child like that.

And please - keep us posted on the situation (or email me privately. This really got my blood boiling.)

peebugg said...

CHEESE AND RICE!!!!! should call the cops and tell them what happened. Don't go back to that place by yourself...take them with you that is what they are there for!!!!

Is Clinton okay??? Are you okay???

Dave said...

No, PeeBugg... That's CHEEZ and Rice!

Bree said...

How scary!!! I'm glad he's okay. I hope you find out who she is!

Johnny X said...

It would be nice if meth heads would just do their thing and leave the rest of us alone, but no, they have to drive around in the wee hours of the morning pulling guns on people.