Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two More Days!

On Thursday at this time, I will be in my car, alone, driving up North for a just for girls getaway! Can you believe it!?! A whole weekend to do, or not do, whatever I want!


Four of us girls will be spending the whole weekend in a fancy, shmancy time share cabin...eating, scrapping, reading, eating, and sleeping up in Pine Top, AZ. It will be a good 30 degrees cooler up there too, and as it's over 100 here today, It will feel WONDERFUL!!

I have been to Walmart today to stock the fridge with boy friendly eats for while I'm gone. I think they will be able to survive 3 days without me!

Oh yeah....Saturday is Cheez's Birthday! Please stop by and leave a comment on his site! I feel bad that I'll miss the actual day, but we'll have a fun dinner for him on Sunday night!


Jami said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a fun group of friends to do stuff like that with. I miss having fun outings like that. Have a good time!!!!

Big Gay Sam said...

oooo... I'm so jealous. A few years back my niece was married in a park just outside of Payson. We rented a summer home and I got to stay there for over a week. It was wonderful.

Have a great time and enjoy the cool weather while you can. It's going to be a hot summer.

monica said...

I need a girls get away! No fair!

Have fun ;).

peebugg said...

Have fun......don't forget to wear fuzzy slippers!!!!!

GeminiWisdom said...

Ooohh, jealouos me. Have fun, drama mama.

Shannon said...

I'm so jealous! An all girl getaway!

I could really use one right about now. I wonder how many friends I could talk into something like that. Probably all of them!