Sunday, May 21, 2006


Yesterday, our family headed to Phoenix to help Cheez's Sister and Brother-In-Law finish up a house they've been working on to sell. They had 14 tons of granite delivered that needed to be distributed into the front and back yard. It was a long, hot day (105 degrees), but everyone really worked hard and got the job done. Today, however, both Cheez and Clinton are flat on their backs with sore muscles they didn't even know they had! ( I was in charge of keeping the kids busy and entertained in the house, so instead of sore muscles, I just have an huge headache today!) Clinton was attacked by a dog when he was retrieving shovels from the house next door. He says he's fine, but it looks bad to me. The dog supposedly had all it's shots, but if Clinton starts foaming....I'll let you know. (Last night he was looking for Alka-Seltzer for the foaming effect! Boys are so weird!! )

Clinton after being attacked by the dog at the house next to
the work house.

Whew! Almost Done!

OH NO! I think we killed Cheez!
Don't you think this looks like Hop On Pop waiting to happen??
STOP! You must not Hop on Pop!

The Bear helping with really BIG GLOVES!


peebugg said...

The big gloves are awesome....

I think they should of tried the trampoline manuover to get Cheez started back up.....

It's always worked on me!!!

monica said...

Those are some slammin' gloves! :)

Im glad you were able to help out.

By the way, I scrapbooked a TON and thought of you :).... I'm at Halloween. Few!

Di said...

I love Cheez layed out on the floor. Man, I can totally relate.

Chicka said...

Whoot on the guys! (I'm lovin' that piratey shirt. Glad he wasn't mauled for cryinoutloud!)

Bree said...

Cute pictures! I hope everyone is recuperating nicely!