Friday, April 21, 2006

Another Day, Another Doctor

Well, the neurologist finally called me back. He worked the impossible and squeezed us in for an appointment next Wednesday. I'm anxious to get more of his input on The Bear's situation. My mom has a friend, Sherrie, who lives here in Phoenix. She happens to work for the best pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the Valley. Of course, he's not under our insurance plan. I tried to make an appointment with him in the beginning of this mess. Well, Sherrie has arranged a favor with him, and he agreed to see us sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm having all of The Bear's medical records and test results sent over to him. I look forward to hearing what he has to say. He is going to charge us for an office visit, $200, instead of a consultation, $450. That's very nice of him, but $200 is still a lot of money for us. But, I'd find a way to pay the $450 if it will make a difference. That's what we do for our kids.

I guess I need to see how that money tree in back is growing!


Di said...

Okay, we went through that same thing with our youngest. Finally, we realized he didn't have a stroke. The difference being only if anything causes the toe walking, but the treatment is the same. Try not to worry, hopefully it will be nothing. My prayers are with you!

Jillian said...


I found this article:

Note that in the section about treatment it talks about wearing legs braces DURING PHYSICAL THERAPY AND TREATMENT -- not "for life" as your doctor said.

Also that if we're talking about CP here, that it's a MILD form (has its own name -- you'll find it in the article).

I don't believe your little guy is "doomed" with a life of leg braces. I'm questioning the competency (and personality!) of your pediatrician.

I'm finding that I'm having trouble expressing how deeply I care about your little guy....I hope I'm not coming off like a clinical twit!

peebugg said...

Good luck and I'm glad you found a cool doctor.

I think...but not sure cause all plans are different...that if you call the insurance and explain the situation, they might let reimburse you....other than that it's a great tax break for your 2006 income taxes....

I know that's not a huge help...but it's something...

Hugs to you guys..

Bree said...

Thoughts, prayers and love for you all!