Thursday, March 23, 2006

Report Card

What kind of grade would you get as a parent? My teenage son just recently got his report card. He had straight A's, except for a C in math. Truth be told, math is his best and favorite subject. He is just opposed to doing homework and would rather just take a test to show his knowledge. While talking to him about this grade, he said I should be happy with a C because it meant he was average. I explained that if he had worked as hard as he could and received a C, I would have been very happy with it, but because he got the C because he refused to do the "busy work", it wasn't ok with me.

After the talk, I started to think about how I would be graded as a mom. Maybe I'm doing C work, although I'd like to think I'm trying as hard as I can. Maybe I'll have to put in some extra effort and try for a B or A!


peebugg said...

I think I would be permantly in detention!!!!!

I know I slack and I shouldn't....and I have a ton of "busy work" that never gets done...

I guess I need to put ye ol' nose to the grindstone as well

sharrs said...

wow.... if that doesn't make every mom take a good look at themselves, i don't know what will... do we push our kids because we don't want them to be like us? or do we push them because we wish we would have pushed ourselves when we were younger?
i think i'd be lucky to get a "c" most days... and then every once in a while i have an "a" day... and those are really good days....
but what if, it wasn't us giving ourselves the grades... would they be different? what if it was your friends.... or people from church... neighbors.... God? would He/they judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves?

Dave said...

Nobody is on their A game all of the time. If they were, they would have been translated.

You, my dear, do more for this family than any other member of it. If anyone in the family deserves an A it is you.

I know that you feel like the house is a wreck, and that the laundry is mating, but so does every other wife/mother in the world.

Remember that when you visit someone's house and it appears to be spotless, that they knew you were coming and cleaned up. You do the same thing.

You do admirably at the thankless task of dealing with the male bots. You frequently sacrifice for the rest of us, and usually to your own detriment.

I love you and appreciate all of the hard work and crap you go through to see that our family functions. Thank you.

Now go take a nap... ;)

Bree said...

What an awesome report card!

I shudder to think what my report card as a mom would look like.

As for what Cheez said about the house...I think that's true. Most people's houses don't look perfect unless they think someone is coming over.