Monday, March 06, 2006

I Am A Slug

At least I feel like one. Once again, the weekend was super busy. My mom and dad got here on Friday night and they treated us to our favorite Mexican food! YUM! And no cooking! They came into town for my cousin's funeral, which was Saturday. Since the family decided to provide a luncheon, I said I'd make a salad and a dessert. ( This was the third family gathering in 3 weeks, as the last two Sundays were Missionary Homecomings for 2 different cousins.) So, Saturday morning, I whipped up an Oriental Chicken Salad and a sheet of Gooey Bars. The funeral was at One, and as it was at the church across from our house, we walked on over. I thought the service was really nice. A great tribute. There were a ton of people there, most from our family. The lunch after was good too. It's nice to be able to sit around and visit while eating tasty food; ham, lots of salads, and LOADS of desserts (but, alas, no funeral potatoes).

Sunday, we all went to church. 8am and we all mad it on time! Miracle of miracles! We stayed for just Sacrament Meeting and enough of Primary for me to sing with the nursery kids and be "Sister Spotlight" in Sharing Time. Then we all headed to Florence to visit with my grandma for a bit and take her to lunch. I brought home a suitcase of old photos to get copies made...some from the 1800's. Very cool! My mom and dad headed home from there and I crashed on my bed and watched the Oscars.

Today...I have done nada. The bus will be here in a sec to take the bear to school. Maybe I can get a nap. I shouldn't do it...I have a ton to do, but for just a 1/2 hour wouldn't hurt anyone!

Happy Monday!


SalGal said...

Oh my goodness! You've had a lot of family drama!! I hope you got a chance to take that nap. My son decided to lose my migraine medicine for me yesterday, which also happens to be a mild sedative, so I had trouble sleeping last night. Isn't it great when the kids are at school so we can have naptime? Take care of yourself!

monica said...

:( I'm sure it was a bitter sweet weekend. Hugs to you. :)

peebugg said...

I hope you took a nap!!!!

I would of...I did.....except I got woken up and had to run to the phone before it woke Alec up.

I'm glad the family get together went well....wish it could of been under better circumstances....

Bree said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin.

That's cool about the photos.