Thursday, February 09, 2006


We're going to Utah for the weekend. I'm just sitting here waiting for Cheez to get home so we can leave. Of course, I've been sick for the past few days, and I had to go rescue the bear from school today because he was feeling sick! Now, doesn't this sound like the makings of a really great 10 hour car trip???

I'm tired already! It's exhausting trying to get everyone's things washed, found and packed! I'm ready for bed...not a long drive!

Hope Cheez isn't tired when he gets home!


Carol said...

Good luck on your trip, and I hope everyone is feeling good.

peebugg said...

bummer.......I hope your trip goes well and you two sickies get better before the trip is over.

Fair Winds and Following Sea

Bree said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are coming!!!!!!!

monica said...

Ok everyone i know in blog land seems sick. Did you sneeze on my blog?


monica said...

Happy LOVE day!