Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Love Day!

I must say, I've never been a huge fan of Valentines Day. Back in the day, a friend and I would always wear black to commemorate the day. Even now, having a permanent, live in Valentine, it still isn't a big deal.

Last year, I started our new family tradition for our Valentines Day. I make a fun dinner, and then after, I give everyone $5 and we head off to the Dollar Store. Everyone has 1/2 hour to pick a gift for each person in the family. We then head home to exchange the gifts and have dessert! (Last year, Kayden bought James a rather hideous looking purple cow statue. James has it proudly displayed in his room!)

We had a great time last year, so we're doing a repeat today!

Hope you all have a happy, love-ly day!


Kristinn said...

What a beautiful tradition you have there. Brought a smile to my face! :) Well, I was wondering if you would be so kind to tell me Why do you blog? It's a project for school that I'm doing. If you would like to answer, or anyone else here that reads, if you would just post it at my homepage, I would be grateful.
Thank you.

Chicka said...

That's a great tradition. It's not what you get - it's that someone special thought of you.