Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Frickin Valentines

I am a huge jerk. I have ruined Valentines Day for Cheez and almost ruined it for the bear until I temporarily bounced back. It has been a really long day. We got home from Utah last night after a really, really long drive. The last few hours before getting home, I had a very bad migrane in my right eye. At least it went away after some sleep.

As per my last post of this morning, I was planning a happy dinner for my family this evening. Between then and now I

Made homemade Valentines for the bear's preschool and teachers
Emptied and put away all the crap in the suitcases from our trip
Did 2 loads of laundry
Babysat my cousin's little girl
Went to the bear's Valentines Party at preschool
Picked up Veggie Boy at school and took him to an appointment
Shopped for dinner groceries while he was there
Came home and made a dinner that turned out HORRIBLE! (here's a tip, look to see that the heavy cream isn't sweetened before using it to make Alfredo Sauce. gag!)
Cooked replacement dinner
Jumped down everyone's throat for no good reason
Said I hated Valentines Day in front of the bear. (he was not happy about that, so I had to say I was kidding. I wasn't.)

We did go to the dollar store for our shopping extravaganza, stopping at the drugstore to fill a prescription on our way. Had to argue with the pharmacist because our insurance information STILL wasn't showing up after many phone calls to the xzvcfhjop[e insurance company. Anyway we bought our gifts and got home before the pie in the oven burned, only to find out that Cheez had accidentally left a bag at the store which I had to drive back to retrieve. We exchanged gifts, then I had Veggie empty dishwasher so Cheez could fill it, as per a previous agreement. When there was no dish action going on, I did the dishes myself. I mentioned to Cheez that he had agreed to do them and he said he was. Then he went to bed without saying anything to anyone. So I dressed the bear for bed and had Veggie read to him and put him in bed.

Here I sit, ranting away, while my husband is asleep in our bed with a pillow over his head. He is probably sick of listening to me. Can't blame him. Wish I could put a pillow over the craziness going on in my head! I'm just very tired. I have a wonderful husband who, instead of yelling at me, just goes to bed. I'm the verbal mean one.

I'm a jerk.

I have a headache again.


sherrypg said...

Full moon.

I totally went off on my husband last night. Yelled at the boy.

Apologized to husband. Apologized to boy.

Happy Freakin' Valentine's

Chicka said...

((((HUGS)))) He loves you. He understands.

SalGal said...

Happy freakin' Valentine's, indeed. We happened to be awake after midnight, so I gave Honey his gift at like 1:30 a.m. on VDay. I got nothin'. We woke up, did the morning thing, I still got nothin'. He said he would call around 4:30 before he had to leave for his other job, he didn't. He called 10 minutes before the other job started, which gave me 50 minutes to wonder if he had really taken the night off and was bringing me home a surprise. NOPE. He got home from work on time, again with no present. I got an "I'm sorry, I started shopping a week ago and they didn't have what I had planned on getting you so I searched and searched and couldn't find anything so I just got nothing." Ok, #1, what the hell are you thinking only planning one week in advance and #2, You couldn't even hand-make me a frickin' card?!?!

peebugg said...

I'm sorry it was bad.....maybe you should of worn black as tradition dictates....

There is always St. Patrick's Day!!!! Make Green Alfredo!!!!

peebugg said...

oh...I'm gonna steal your dollar store thing and claim it for my own!!!!