Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My New Renter....WEEZIL BREEZES!

Welcome Cheezweezil to my rental space! (hee hee) Here's the story! As one of his Christmas presents, I bought Cheez 2500 BlogExplosion credits. Then my credits quickly dwindled, so he offered to rent on my space for 500 CREDITS! WOO HOO! Now I can battle around too!

Click on over to his site for some family anecdotes and a funny pic of the bear!


Dave said...

I am sucker for a cute girl! ;)

peebugg said...

woo-hoo....changin' the hubby rent.....that is a great concept!!!

The Blogging Boss said...


How in the world did you get Dave to rent????

I hear he is so hard to get. A waiting list....

Great job securing one of the most talented bloggers in BE!!!

Did you get permission from his wife, dramamama????