Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's the Hormones Talking

Yes, I'm hormonal! And in this state, I tend to dwell on my failures instead of the good things. Such as...the disaster area my house is. Loyal readers may remember 3 months of me being able to keep up with the mess that is my house. Well, that was ages ago and I've fallen back into the habit, or non habit, of going to bed with laundry to be done and a gross house. I SO loved waking up to a clean house and no laundry. I kept up the good work for 3 months. WHAT'S MY PROBLEM NOW! I just can't catch up! And I'm so tired!

I also go through spurts of good, healthy cooking. I'll plan menus and cook good things, and then, I'll get sick of it and feed my family junk, or fast food...even worse. I'll start a healthy diet for myself, loose some weight, and then start eating junk again...gaining more than I lost!

I am so SICK of me! Why can't I just get on the ball and get a grip on things???

My wonderful husband always says such nice things about me. He is so good and kind. But I know the truth. I'm an out of control MESS!


peebugg said...

I'm right there with ya....except the cool husband part.

I don't know what the deal is....but if you figure it out....remember to


keep your chin up.....and join me in doing another load of laundry!!!

Dave said...

I just heard of a great remedy for being hormonal. You take a huge dose of Mormones!


Di said...

Seriously, aren't we all?

peebugg said...

I think you should put dave in a slinky nightie....and that will help.....especially if you take a picture and put it on the internet!!!!

Shane said...

heh heh, you'll be okay

Jade said...

You sure ain't alone darlin'! However, I think you look rather together in comparison to my mess! ;-)

Deep breath, and remember, the housework ain't goin' anywhere. One task a day until you feel like taking on more, otherwise you'll drive yourself insane!

angel said...

Ugh! I hate housework. Life is out there though and you don't need to be worried about housework till you can't find anything LOL.

Keep your chin up girl. Love the layout of your template, Cool Beans!

Bree said...

What would it be like to wake up to a clean house? I get mine done and then by the end of the day it needs another cleaning. :)

SalGal said...

Once again, I believe we are twins seperated at birth. Except apparently you can get it together enough to actually keep stuff clean and loose some noticable weight before you gain it back.

Just take heart knowing that even with all my drugs, I'm still a bigger screwup than everybody combined! :-) There's always somebody worse than you.

Choose to be happy!

monica said...

Oh sweet blog friend. We all go through funks. I am the queen of funky times. LOL :) Been through lots of therapy for them too... again I laugh. One suggestion would be to take two hours to yourself this weekend. Go to your local coffee bar with a book or writing tablet. And either write or read alone and just be.

Come home, hug your littles or talls LOL.... and start fresh. You can do it. :) Hugs!


Jennifer said...

I'm a neat freak. The type who won't go to bed unless all the clothes are folded and put away and who won't leave the house (no matter how late she is) unless the bed is made...

Well lately life has overwhelmed me and I've (believe it or not) still got clothes in a pile waiting to be folded...I just can't get to the things until the weekend these days :)

So don't feel bad. I bet you you're not the only one out there :) And I can assure you your house is a lot cleaner (even when it's messy) than some house out there :D So see there's a positive side!

Smile :) Things will seem better in a day or two.

Jillian said...

Oh my goodness, you are so hard on yourself! Why, you're almost as hard on yourself as I am on myself! :P

Have you ever tried Flylady? Her system has changed my life. Actually, I often feel like I'm failing at that, too, but that's my stupid perfectionism kicking in. Flylady is all about letting go of perfectionism and taking baby steps toward an organized home. I highly recommend her!

Jetting Through Life said...

I never put 2 and 2 together with your name, your site and your husband. Geez... the wool was really pulled over my eyes this time!!


LotionBarBunny said...

If you are going to start "Club slob," I am likely to be your first member. I have 3 loads of laundry sitting in a basket to be folded...its been there for a few days now.

Is laziness genetic?