Saturday, January 28, 2006

Highway Robbery

My friend Shars and I took the kids to see Disney On Ice this afternoon. It was the Finding Nemo flavor. Cheez got the tickets from work free, so that's a happy thing. Of course, upon arriving, they have tables full of Nemo paraphenalia right at kid level. We managed to get to our seats without bleeding our wallets dry, then the kids see the "traveling salesmen" toting their wares up and down the aisle. We finally give in and agree to get them a snack, so I went up to the "mall" area so I can use my card. I bought popcorn and cotton candy. The cotton candy had a nifty little Nemo hat attached. Of course, they wouldn't sell the hat's separately, so I had to get two cotton candies.

I paid: $7 for a small box of popcorn
$10 each for the cotton candy/hat combos
$10 for parking

Good thing the show was free!


peebugg said...

Sounds like the Free Circus that comes here.

9.00 for a coke that is flat, and 15 for a blow up sword that you can get on line for about 1.50 each.

Kids are a great marketing tool....

Was the show good?????

Dave said...

Dad has taken to wearing the Nemo hat to ensure that proper mileage is extracted from it before its inevitable trip to the dumper.

Boy, wouldn't Jill like to see a picture of that! HAR

Bree said...

Woah, that is steep! That better have been some gooood cotton candy, lol.

LotionBarBunny said...

We took the kids to see Toy Story on Ice. Oh never again. I couldn't even believe the money they were charging for everything. Of course we were suckers and gave in to the debochery. My kids got everything they wanted....but never again I tell you! Never again! ;)

David said...

People need to STOP buying crap that is no good and overpriced. then the rip off will stop. SAY NO to $7.00 beer!
go back to hip flasks