Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Kayden Bear!

Today is the Bear's 5th birthday! This morning we went to the zoo with his cousins and in an hour or so, we're off to Chuck E Cheese for his party. I feel bad because I'm not doing a big, friend party. When Clinton was little, I threw these huge parties for him with sometimes 20 kids or more. I just can't bring myself to do it now. We're having a small party with just family and cousins. He doesn't know any better, so he'll have a great time. But I'm feeling the guilt!

We are so happy to have Kayden in our family. He is a constant source of entertainment and joy! Such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday to you Bear! I hope you have a happy day!


Shane said...


monica said...

Do whatever is best for you! Happy birthday little guy, cheers! :)

peebugg said...

It is amazing how someone so small can make such a huge difference in your life.

I've tried to remember what my life was like before them, and I can't.

Seems like your life starts with your kids.

I hope the sugar rush wasn't too bad.

Nazrul Mohtar said...

A belated birthday wish for Kayden.

Through my own experience, the kids just enjoy any form of celebration big or small. All they need is cake and pressies.

I believe the time will come soon enough when they'll want to celebrate birthdays big time with just friends (a small do with family), so why not monopolise them when we still have the chance :)

How old is he btw?

WendyWings said...

I hope he had a wonderful birthday, I know about that Mummy guilt, my youngest has YET to have a birthday party and I used to do big blow outs for the others.

Dave said...

The Bear turned 5. He had a fantastic time all day. He was as cute as he could be at Chuck E Cheez.

He got a little crown to wear and he had it on all evening. By the time we left, many of the "points" were bent down, and he resembled Jughead from the Archie comics (How old am I????)

When it was the Bear's turn to march around the place with Chuck E Cheese, he was so excited, he stuck his elbow in the birthday cake. Then he ran over and hugged Chuck E and slimed him wiuth green icing. It was a beautiful thing.

Later, they had a little stint of Chuck E says. One of the things they did was wiggle dance, and the Bear went for it and was shaking his moneymaker for all it was worth. Unfortunately, I didnt have a video camera with me. It was so darn cute, and we were rolling.

Daddy even had a good time, and DogHouse Boy and DramaMama discovered a game that spewed tickets, so by the time we were out of tokens we had accumulated 1200+ tickets. The Bear got A LOT of smarties.

He was so funny all night. As we were going home, he asked if tomorrow it would still be his birthday. I told him that when he woke up it wouldnt be anymore.

he replied, "I want it to be my birthday... I NEED my birthday!"

Jillian said...

Honey, you dump that guilt right out of the window! We have never -- NEVERNEVERNEVER -- done "the big birthday thing" with any of our 4 kids. Not ever. It's always been about small, intimate, family, precious time. About blessing the birthday child. And it's always been super special. Oh, and Daddy always takes a 1/2-day off work to take the birthday child on a "date," too. ;)

Your lil' bear is SO CUTE...and it sounds like he had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese's. I've been to that place -- once. *shudder*

Happy birthday to Weezil Junior!! And a big "bye bye guilt" hug for his devoted mama.

Bree said...

Happy Birthday Bear! Such a cute guy. I can't believe he's already 5!!

Btw, was the game a spin-off from a show with a scary clown? That's what spews the tickets out at our local Chuck e Cheese. :)

Linda said...

I know the guilt. I have two kids. Things were different with the first. Your right, the kids don't feel bad. It's the Mom!

Big Gay Sam said...

Happy Birfumday!!!!