Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Blasted MEME

Ok...I'm not good at these. But my loving husband Cheez has tagged me. I still haven't done the MEME for SalGal and Peebugg. Sorry guys, tis the season! When is school starting again??

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1) Babysitter...started at age 11!
2) Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker....lasted for 2 days and got fired for using too much syrup in the thingys.
3) Office Products Store dad owned the store..nuff said.
4) Retail Sales Extrodinaire! Worked at Dillards for almost 10 years. Did sales, visual merchandising and management.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1) Pride and Prejudice...A&E version. The new movie was good too.
2) Freaky Friday, new one.
3) Grease
4) Stepford Wives...the new really BAD one. I don't know why I like it, I just do.

Four places you have lived:
1) Farmington, NM
2) Sandy, UT
3) Orem, UT
4) Mesa, AZ

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1) Everybody Loves Raymond
2) Gilmore Girls
3) 30 Minute Meals
4) What Not To Wear

Four places you have been on vacation:
1) California...Disneyland et al.
2) Orlando.....Disneyworld, and other various tourist traps
3) honeymoon with my honey!
4) Mexican Rivera Cruise....before I met Cheez....flirted terribly with the waiters!

Four websites you visit: Plus the others on my blog roll..I visit them all daily
1) Weezil Breezes
2) Peebugg Press
3) Tales of Strude
4) Howdy Neighbor
5) Goober Queen

Four of your favorite:
1) Italian...Carrabbas is my favorite
2) Arizona Mexican Food
3) Salty Chips and Dip
4) Food I don't have to cook

Four places you would rather be right now:
1) In bed...asleep
2) On vacation
3) Some romantic getaway
4) Shopping with someone elses money

Four people you'll tag to do this:
I'm tagging no one. But if you do it, let me know so I can go read your replys!


SalGal said...

I grew up in Sandy! What part and when were you there?

WendyWings said...

Tagging no one is the cowards way out ( I was askeered to do it too but I did anyway and look at the lovely picture your husband made of me HAHHAA)

peebugg said...

You went on a cruise????

I'm jealous. Did you make out with the waiters under the table???

For some reason that thought popped into my mind.

Dave said...


That was KRISTEN under the table!


peebugg said... I knew I remember some thing about someone under the table....

Thanks Dave!!

Cornelia said...

This really bit my behind. I typed and typed and typed. And then I lost it. Crap O La!!

So anyway, I said something like this...

I grew up in Roy, UT., then somehow landed in Salt Lake City, UT., I was very very briefly in Phoenix, now I am in Farmington,NM., area...where next???

Flirting...women's favorite pass time.. it's fun, isn't it?