Thursday, December 08, 2005

Squeak, Squeak

Today was the bear's Physical Therapy evaluation. He already goes to Occupational Therapy once a week, but we will now be adding Physical Therapy to the rotation. We are lucky our insurance covers these visits, they would be $300 per hour if it didn't! (Bend Over!)

At the end of the evaluation, the bear came running into the waiting room, squeaking with every step. The therapist had strapped these little things to the bottom of his shoes that squeaked with every step. They are used to encourage heel strikes. ( He walks 90 % on his tip toes.) The bear thought they were great! He wanted to wear them home and all day! Luckily, we had to leave them there. Unluckily, she gave me the website to order them. Sorry honey, I ordered them. The therapist said he needs to wear them 20 - 30 minutes a day. Now you'll have another use for those earplugs besides Clinton's drumming and my snoring!


Chicka said...

Heeey, no linkie!

Still, sounds like it'll help encourage him. That's a good thing!

monica said...

How old is your son? That's great he is able to have the therapy though... I used to tap dance. i'm sure that drove my parents nuts! LOl!

peebugg said...

and.....Alec has Robot Feet from the Robots movie that he can send Kayden.!!!!!