Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, I feel almost alive today. This sick thing has really kicked my butt, not to mention the fact that I have lost 4 days of Christmas prep time. I finally wrapped a few gifts late last night and this morning, but I feel like I'm dragging. What I'd really like is a nap.

The bear's party at school is today, but I'm not going. I don't want all those kids to catch my germs. I did make little presents for him to give to his friends though. Tonite, I have scheduled family pictures out at the mall. I'm going to make the boys wear white shirts and their Christmas ties. They don't know about this yet. I expect to hear many moans and groans from the peanut gallery. I'll post the pic later tonite!

I hope all your preparations are going well! HO, HO, HO!


monica said...

Oh hope you feel better... that stinks. I hope you are better for Christmas. What did you make for your son to give out??? Please share! And did you go see that movie with your son?

Our preparations are going good. I have one more round to go of shopping and it's small so I'm happy. We leave Saturday to go out of town so we can't decide whether Santa should come Friday night or Saturday morning....... big decision... lol...

Dave said...

I will wear my nice red tie with pride my dear.

SalGal said...

Here is the link for the toffee!


peebugg said...

Yeah!!! Christmas Pictures!!!!

I hope they go well and you get at least one of them with no one making some goofy face.

Good Luck!!!!

Chicka said...

The children love me so much they gave me their strep and pinkeye. I can do without the virus thankyew.

Aren't the holidays about sharing?