Sunday, November 13, 2005

A New Improved Look!

A big THANK YOU to Stef and Paul over at Pure Pixel Designs for this great template! I am really happy with it, it's so cute and fun! They managed to pull it off through all their mid term exams too! Great job guys!

They do custom template designs for just $12.50! Quite a bargin! Hop over and check them out!


SalGal said...

Love the new template, but it's easier to read if your entries are on the left side of the page.

JIN said...

I think is not very nice of you to have Michelle from MDesigns hanging there waiting for you to claim your prize -> your free template.

I mean, you do have your rights and your choice who you want your template from, but at least you should respond to Michelle's email and comment that you had already gotten someone else to do it for you, instead of leaving her hanging there.

At least she could give that offer to someone else who would appreciate her effort.

Lisa said...

Love the new look!