Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Fitting!

Everlasting love
For you, Eternal love awaits!
You're loyal, mostly happy and have good
friends. You would like to have kids and get
married, and you strongly believe in "Mr.
Right". Once you meet him, you both know
you belong together.

What Love are you Fated for? ~AWESOME anime pics!~
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peebugg said...

How come you got the cool picture????

It is very knows you so well...

Doris said...

You will have a Content love. Not boring, but without fights and problems. You will just... be in love. Simple as that. As a person, you're not the one who laughs highest or most often, nor the one in the dark corner crying. You are the one who sits watching everyone else, often with a little smile playing on your lips. To you, life is good and you will get what you wish for. You will fall for someone who is himself, and lets you be you.

Loved this quiz, fits me very well :-) thanks

Dave said...

I started the little quiz to see if it was really and truly going to show me an Anime' picture of you, my Princess...

I got to the question about "If a boy gives you a flower" I was out of there.


Joker said...

:)) the quiz is not for us.. :) but i took it anyway... and its a beautiful love you need it said.

You want a Beautiful love, soft but passionate. You are probably very old fashioned and polite. You can't stand rude people, wolf whistles are to you only dis-respective and immature. You love nature and everything beautiful in life. You will fall for a guy that makes you forget about the rest of the world.

Please rate aaaaand... eat chocolate bars? *cough*rate*cough* ^^

SalGal said...

Am I the only person in the universe that hates the whole anime thing???

drama mama said...

Yeah...I don't like Anime either. I'm not sure why it's so popular. It's like seeing the Pokemon kid over and over.