Sunday, November 27, 2005

Home At Last

Well, we just go home after a fun, eventful Thanksgiving at my mom's in New Mexico! We're all tired, but we had a great time! Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, I cooked most everything, and it all came out great! Nothing burned, nothing forgotten and left in the fridge. Thursday night, we went to see Harry Potter. What a great show, my definite favorite of the series. We took Kayden, and he loved it too. It was a long movie, but he didn't budge!

Friday was my big shopping day with my friend Kathy. We didn't go out as early as we usually do, but still managed to get the things we wanted. The only thing on my list was a belt for Cheez, but I managed to get several bags full more. By the end of the day, I had a ton of gifts and a NEW CAR!! Yes folks, you heard that right! We are no longer a one car family! My mom's friend managed to find us a great car! Cute too! I just needed one that ran, was cheap, and had air, but he found us one that is really sporty and cute too! Thanks Bill!! Thanks mom and dad!! Thanks honey!! I'll put up a pic of me and the car maybe tomorrow!

I spent Saturday with my mom, Cheez spent the day with Kayden, and Clinton with his dad. A nice relaxing day! And today, we drove home! Back to the grindstone!

Hope you all had a fun Weekend too!!


Dave said...

I love my belt, thanks honey! :)

Maybe I'll put up a picture of me with it tomorrow too! LOL

Big Gay Sam said...

I didn't know Jon still lived in Farmington. Wow, go figure.