Saturday, October 29, 2005

Week At A Glance

I have had a really trying week. This post is mostly for me, but if you feel like reading it, you might learn something. Or maybe not.

Sunday: children's Primary Program at church. It was great! Kayden said his part and everything! Cheez did have to sit on the stand with him to prevent meltdown, but, all in all it turned out better than expected. However, this is the first day of signs that the family is getting sick. Grouchy, stuffy daddy and bear alike. I am popping the Airborne, trying to ward off the cooties.

Monday: I kept the bear home from school, so as to be a responsible parent. Spent the day catering to the little king. In the evening, there was a "Shop Op" for all ninth grade students. Clinton didn't want to go, but I drug him there, and even managed to fill our a few "more info" cards.

Tuesday: I sent the bear to school today. I drugged him up and put him on the bus. Today was also the first day I was to watch my cousin's 7 month old baby. She will be here two days a week for the few hours between when her mom goes to work and her dad gets home. Unfortunately, the days are two of the three that Kayden is in school, so there goes my few hours of free time. Tonight, I went Visiting Teaching. Saw both of my ladies. At least I won't have to drag around the guilt this month. I didn't do my visiting all summer.

Wednesday. I cancelled the bear's therapy this morning, because he's still feeling cruddy. This afternoon, Clinton had drum lessons. While he was there, I headed to Walmart to pick up the necessary items to make Halloween costumes. Drove Clinton straight over to the High School for a football game, picked up Sonic on the way home. When I walked in the door, Clinton called to have me come all the way back over to pick him up. On the way home, learned of the big fight that was supposed to break out after the game, and was glad he decided to come home. His original intentions were to stay and watch the fight. Glad he changed his mind! Got home, ate my cold hamburger, and made my Eeyore costume I needed for the next day. Fell into bed.
Thursday: Watched the baby again today. Dragged her along with me to the bear's school for the annual costume parade. Wore the Eeyore costume, the bear was Christopher Robin, and melted in the sun during the event. Several teachers sprayed me in the face with water to keep me from passing out. The kids loved it though. Picked up Clinton from school to feed him before the Jazz Band performance that evening. Got a call from my sister in law to meet them at the Farmers Market to let all the kids pick pumpkins, then go decorate them at her apartment. (I have to say, I knew this was a bad idea, but went anyway.) By the time we got to the farmers market, I was quickly loosing it. The jumble of kids and noise was making me crazy, but I held it in. the apartment, decorating the pumpkins, the bear smacks his cousin in the face with a harmonica. Screaming ensues from both parties. I asked him what happened and he said, " I HIT NIKKI IN THE FACE"! I quietly explained that we don't hit our friends and told him to say he was sorry. He proceeded to throw a HUGE fit. Yelling , kicking, screaming, refusing to say he was sorry. I grabbed his shoes and told him we were leaving. He upped the volume and kicking, and this is where I REALLY LOST IT! I drug him out the door, both of us yelling and make a huge scene. My behavior was not helping matters, but I was beyond my limits. I put him in his carseat and told him to be quiet and not talk to me. I cranked up the music and drove home. I called Cheez and told him go come and get his child out of the car, then shut myself in my room for a time out. I was a mean momma, but could do nothing about it. Felt like my head was going to explode.
Friday: As a preface, my dad got out of the hospital a few weeks ago after an extensive 3 month stay in the hospital. His had gotten insurance here in AZ years ago, and now that he was out, they wouldn't pay for any after care unless he was in the state and county the insurance was purchased in. That being, he has spent the last two weeks in Arizona at my 91 year old grandmother's house. But today, they arranged for insurance in AZ and he wanted to be home before the weekend. As my weekend looked a little busy, I told him that today was the only day I could go. I dropped the bear off at his cousin's house at 8:30 and drove the hour to pick up my dad. Got there, loaded up, and took off for Snowflake, the half way mark to Farmington, where my mom would pick him up and take him the rest of the way. This leg of the trip...3 1/2 hours. Arrived at my aunt and uncle's, unloaded his stuff, potty break for me, then headed back to Mesa. A three hour trip. Arrived in the valley at a little after 5 and tried to call Cheez to pick up the bear. No luck, so I drove to get him and got home with 15 minutes before we were supposed to be at our church's Trunk or Treat. Threw on my costume, changed the bear into his and headed out the door. Sharree brought her two girls and Missy over and we all strolled the parked cars, getting treats that probably would never be eaten. We let the bear play some of the games then headed home. I fell into bed, again.
Saturday: This morning was "The Sing Along Gang's" performance out at Schnepf Farms, a 1/2 hour drive from our house. We were to be there at 9:30 with the kids. Cheez stayed home, as he had gotten little sleep the night before due to his hacking cough. The bear and I got there early and he was able to play in one of the bouncy, jumpy things they blow up for the kids. Then it was time for the performance. All the kids looked so cute in their little red t-shirts, and they all went up on the stage to sing. The bear went postal! He screamed that he was NOT going to go up there and he didn't want to sing. I could feel my blood pressure going up. I tried talking, bribing, threatening. Nothing worked. The rest of the kids sang and did a really cute show. The bear sat by me saying that it was too loud. After the show, he wanted to play again and do the other fun farm stuff, but I had told him before, while he was "fitting" that if he didn't sing, we were going straight home. Of course he cried. I was so angry, but was really trying to swallow it down. I took some deep breathes and finally agreed to stay and let him play. We rode the hayride, carousel, the bumble bee ride and went to the petting zoo. He also rode the pony ride. By this time, we were hot and tired, and went home. We skipped the birthday party we were supposed to go to, and just stayed home. I am feeling really crappy tonight. Nausea and crampy feelings.
Waaaaaa...I'm trying to hold it together, but I'm really having a struggle. Sorry for the length of this post, but that's the way it goes!

Now, I go to post this and Blogger deleated 1/2 of it. Couldn't recover it. Had to retype! AARRRGGGG!!!


Dave said...

"So... how was your week honey?" Erica said.

"Holy crap, let me tell you," Dave said, and flopped onto the couch.

"I went to work, I came home.
Did that 4 more times. Sort of like an uphill swim in a vomitfall."

"So, about the same as my week then," Erica said.

"Yeah, I guess," Dave said. "But you make one dang cute Eeyore my dear!"

Dave stepped to where Erica was standing, and hugged her. He planted one right on the old kisser.

Erica chuckled and said in a deep soulful voice, "Thanks for noticing."

SalGal said...

Wow, you have had one heck of a week! I have a need for anti-anxiety medication, and even that couldn't prevent me from having one meltdown after another with the kind of week you've had! I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Take a few hours for yourself on Sunday... it is a day of rest after all! (((hugs)))

Chicka said...

It's so hard not to melt down with the kids. So, so hard. I'm guilty of it myself. Good for you for giving yourself a time out. We, no...DESERVE a time out every now and again.

Sorry you caved and let him stay but hey, it happens. (I found after an initial fit sometimes my girls are better and have been known to do that myself, too). Usually though if one's fitting, I hate to punish the other one. If it were just one with me, they know I mean business, but I think my kids are a bit older. It took them awhile to grasp the concept and by no means are they angels. (Have you seen my blog lately? LOL!)

I'll bet you made an awesome Eeyore. Pictures please!! (If only in email.)

Shane said...

woo hoo kiddy tantrums. I was the best. Just think . . . he'll probably grow up to be a haijin.

Joker said...

*HUGS* for that 'orrible week that passed.. Hope you have a great week ahead starting with Haloween!!! Happy Haloween in advance.


peebugg said...

You sound like me a few weeks ago. The harmonica thing seems alot like the pumpkin fight we had at Sutherland Farms when Alec wouldn't quit screaming.

I love the holidays, but it is very stressful. Hopefully this week will be calm and easy for you.

Keep popping the Airborne so you don't get sicklll