Monday, October 03, 2005

Unethical Behavior By A Blogger!

Several days ago, my friend and fellow blogger, Peebugg, posted a blog about a particularly bad day she had at work. She wrote about her job, and an argument she had with her boss. Basically, just nomal venting. But who would have thought that the son of her boss, also a blogger, would surf across her in BE?!? The bosses kid emailed her and said she was out of line, and threatened to "tell his daddy". She emailed back, apologizing and asking him not to forward. But, of course he did! Not only did he tell his dad the whole story, but then blogged about the situation, asking for comments with people's opinions about what he did. I left my comment!

Is is just me, or is that a totally jerky thing to do? Aren't we all guilty of a little venting?? Is the bosses kid innocent? I bet he's even complained about his dad a time or two!

What do you think? As for me, I support Peebugg! Isn't there a code of ethics all bloggers should abide by?? No one likes a nark!


peebugg said...

Thank you Drama--

However, I was at fault as well by using real names....I have learned my lesson....

When complaining...use monkey names.

I am,now, actually more concerned with hurting his dad feelings than with my job. Last night it was my job I was concerned about, but the reality has set in and now it is his well being.

I hate learning things at other people's expense....

Danielle said...

OMG! So, what happened? I want his blog address! I want to read all of the moron stuff he talks about.

Damn. That sucks. I know what that feels like, actually.

Crazy Dan said...

Being a snith in prison can cost you your life but different rules in the real world... I would have held off to black mail her but thats just me.. Another reason not to use real names including your own. Tough lesson though.

S said...

What a sad situation. Hugs to Peebugg!

ShutteredEye said...

Narc eh?

If someone was saying hurtful things about someone you care about, you wouldn't want them to be aware of it? I think if you are really honest with yourself you would have to answer that you would have told them also.

I respect that you're a good friend in the sense you'll stand by her side to the very end. And you are certainly entitled to your own opinion of the matter. We see things differently.

I think this is a great example of how the internet affords us a sense of anonymity. There's no way she would have said those things to his face, and not just b/c she'd probably have lost her job. But, also because of the impact they would have had on a personal level. I think we're all guilty of this, I know I have been at times.

Even now, as we all discuss this, your post has descended to petty name calling. And don't think the implication of your "boss' kid" label is lost on me. I get what you're trying to say, and like I posted in the comment section on my post, you have no idea who I am. And it's a shame you didn't bother to figure it out before you went on the warpath.

As far as a blogger's code, I guess you thought that such a code would usurp the code of family?

So, I ask you, please examine why you're so upset about this, and then deal with it and move on. I think the rest of us have.



PS: Thanks for link and all the traffic. ;)

Lianne said...

Ah... I always dread that someone from my work will read what I write... but I don't use names. By the way I would NEVER narc on another blogger.. well, unless it was an ex-husband! But he doesn't know how to turn on the computer, so no worries!

CT said...

"Code of ethics"? Yeah, there is one, and here it is: Don't publish something that can be accessed by millions of people, and then get mad when it everyone finds out about it.

Among the stupidest concepts to emerge during the Internet Age is the idea that you're somehow anonymous online. News flash: Google and other search engines will index blog posts within hours, and from there it's open season. You might as well demand anonymity for some graffitti you paint on a wall.

There is a radical solution, though: Keep your mouth shut. Don't post something that's supposedly private on the world's biggest public forum. If you absolutely need that cathartic feeling, do it in a paper journal. Or if you must shout it to the world, don't mention any names, and keep your own identity as hidden as possible AT ALL TIMES (that means no specific references to real names, location, etc.). I realize this is a huge challenge to a lot of people, but it's pretty much common sense.

This isn't rocket science, and complaining about it afterwards is idiotic.

prying1 said...

Ct said it! - I agree!

chench said...

The snitch stinks, but CT is right. This will happen to everyone eventually, one way or another.

Jillian said...

Yep, I agree with CT.

I also think that Peebugg's humility and "repentence" (for lack of a better word) is outstanding -- a mark of character.

Would that we all were so willing to admit our faults and soften our hearts. What a beautiful world we would have!

Anonymous said...

i cant believe that you guys have time to sit and write this stupid stuff!!!!!..... pun definately intended!