Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Night of the Mean Mamma!

About 4:00 yesterday, I went out into the garage to get some meat from the freezer for dinner. What greeted me set me on a fit that lasted most of the evening! Sometime during the day, Kayden had obviously been out in the garage looking for popsicles and had left the freezer door partially open! There was a growing puddle in front of the freezer and 80% of what was inside was soggy and ruined! I had to throw three big bags of stuff away, which made me crazy! Because the door had only been part open, things defrosted, dripped on the shelves and formed huge blocks of nasty smelling ice that covered most of the freezer. I grabbed a two pronged meat fork, since I don't own an ice pick, and began poking and prying the ice violently! This is how Cheezweezil found me when he drove home from work!

As he entered the garage, I began yelling and crying about the incident. He patiently eased the fork from my hands and sent me inside to cool down. Most of his evening was spent in the garage with a hair dryer and screwdriver de-icing our freezer. My evening was spent cooking about 20 lbs of meat. I had Clinton heat up the grill, plugged in my George Forman and set two whole chickens in pans on the stove to cook up. My house still smells like chicken today, which is making Clinton, the vegetarian, sick to his stomach. I still have 3 packages of chicken in the fridge that need to be cooked today.

I yelled at Kayden and made him cry. He kept coming in to see if I was happy yet. It took awhile before I could tell him I was. I shouldn't have yelled, he didn't do it on purpose, but I was so mad! I was brutally rebuffed by Clinton for yelling at Kayden.

All in all....a really crappy night! I Tylenol PM'd myself to sleep again!


SalGal said...

Girl, I would have done a lot more than Tylenol PM'd me to sleep!

peebugg said...

Oh man!!!!!

At least you caught if before the stuff was ruined and thank goodness that it isn't like July or August with all the heat...eeewww....

Yelling isn't always great, but sometimes it takes that to get it through to your kids and make them remember.

Of course the guilt afterwards totally sucks.....and the funny thing is that they don't dwell on it like we.

Hang in there, at least the hubby was cool and helped!!!!

Two thumbs up to him for being cool.

And two thumbs up to you for saving all that food.....Wish I lived closer, I would be there for dinner!!!!

Hollie The Mom said...

Sorry it was such a bad night I was looking forward to hearing your side of the ice scuplture from the block of ice though :-)

And hey now you don't have to cook next week just heat up leftovers! YES!

Jillian said...

Oh, you poor thing!!

What is it about the female psyche that makes us react to things like this?

I feel your pain. And I don't even have a freezer in my garage!

At least you had the presence of mind to cook the meat. I would have been too distressed to think that far.

Bree said...

Ohhhh what a mess! I can't blame you for yelling! I would've been so mad!

Chicka said...

I give the Cheezman some credit there. Emily did the same thing to us (those damn popsicles!) and we ended up losing about $200 worth of food. We couldn't even cook it by the time we found it. Urg!

So now that you've cooked up all that meat it CAN be refrozen to use in your favorite dishes later! WHOOT!

Sorry it was so stressful. Mike would've had to have pried the fork out of the middle of his forehead with me if he walked into that scenario! LOL!

(((HUGS))) We truly are kindred spirit!