Monday, September 12, 2005

Woo Hoo!

I totally rocked at the grocery store today! Sunday's paper had so many great coupons, I sent Dave out for a second paper! I spent $90 for a huge cart full, 90 items total! With the coupons and my Frys card, I ended up saving $145 dollars! That's a 62% savings!

The free items I got this week were Tic Tacs, 2 gallons of milk and 3 bottles of shampoo. Some of the great savings were .30 for toilet paper, $1.99 for 100oz laundry Detergent, and .88 for Bayer Asprin.

Check out The Grocery Game website for ways you can save in your town!


Scott-O-Rama said...

Hmmm... sounds like you're good as this grocery savings thing. Wanna do my grocery shopping for me? ;-)

peebugg said...

Was that a paid advertisement?????

I'm glad you're doing good at it.

When you get 90 items for $10.00 I will buy you a "shopping queen" crown.

Chicka said...

WHOOT! You ROCK! (Now if only I could get hubby to use coupons! He'll take them and ALWAYS forgets to hand them over.)

Joker said...

WOW!!!! you are more than welcome to do my shopping anytime.