Thursday, September 29, 2005


I just ran over to Osco Drug to pick up some hair color for my mom's day of the class reunion, hair color accident. I walked up to the cashier, who was loudly discussing with her co-workers how upset she was because another, newer girl had gotten a promotion/raise, whereas she, who worked harder, was passed up. As I stood there, she continued to rant.

This makes me crazy! I was a manager at Dillard's for many years. If one of my employees had done this, she would have had a serious reprimand. I just don't think it's ok to complain about your job right there in from of a customer. Once someone approaches you, you need to shut your mouth and wait on that person. Customers don't want to hear about how bad your job is, or even what your plans are for the weekend. Come on people! A little professionalism please!


peebugg said...

I think you should correct the many years to many many

kidding...kidding....and don't say things like that about are older than I am.....

I agree though. They really shouldn't be talking about it at all while on the floor or behind the register.

Had I been there, I am sure I would of had some smart a$$ remark to make after...after is the key word purchase was complete.

Joker said...

:)) peebug.

Dave said...

Hi honey... I saw you on Blog Rocket... I'm about to go into space.

I'll be down in a minute or so, I am just posting a new blog. :)

Luv ya!


SalGal said...

Back when I used to shop at the Evil Empire (a.k.a. Wal-Mart) I was going up one isle and on the isle next to me there were two young men re-stocking toilet paper. They were bragging about their recent conquests and about how girls of one race were better than another.
Imagine if I had been a woman of one of those races? I was offended as it was, but it could have been much worse. After my purchase was rang up I asked for a manager. I explained to her what I had overheard, and to my shock and dismay, she could have cared less.

Jill said...

How right you are!. I have heard too many times these people ignoring customers while they discuss everything from their sex lives to their lack of promotion. Sometimes customer service seems like a lost art.

peebugg said...

Now...explain the mom's day of the class reunion hair disaster.

Sorry I forgot that part earlier. I was venting on stupid retail workers.

Janette said...

I've had those employees. They don't care! I've cpmplained to managers, they don't care! Customer service is dead.