Thursday, September 15, 2005

Brain Drain

This morning as my husband was getting ready for work, Kayden was sitting on our bed watching "The Wiggles". Dave began to complain, as he always does, about children's television. He went on and on, and then said he thinks it rots the kids brains. Was he suggesting I let Kayden watch too much Tot TV? I explained to him that if he was the parent at home, he might have different feelings. After all, how do I get a moment alone in the bathroom without "Dora the Explorer" going on in the other room??

I do agree that the shows will rot the brain, but not the kid's brains, the parents. Some days I think if I have to watch another episode of "The Doodle Bops" I might melt into a pile of inane goo. Yes, the shows are not my favorite, but they do have their purposes in our home.

Fruit Salad anyone?? Yummy, Yummy!


SalGal said...

Strap him to a chair until he understands that the Wiggles and Dora are God's gift to the stay-at-home-moms of the world. Although they might make you want to strangle them on occasion, the Wiggles teach the kids SO much about how important it is to eat nutritious foods instead of cakes and sweets. They emphasise physical play as well as imaginative. Because of Captain Feathersword, my kids LOVE to play pirates! Dora gives children an introduction into another language. It also teaches them that there is a process to things and to follow directions to get what you want (i.e. following the map) and that it's wrong to steal (Swiper, no swiping!).
Plus, they just have really fun songs!

Dave said...

Hey found you by way of blog explosion.

I stand by my views on children's programming. Some of it educational, but you will NEVER convince me that Telletubbies have ANYTHING worthwhile to offer children.

Some of the programming out these days is so moronic, it makes me want to hurl.

Sponge Bob Squarepants... pure drivel.

Fruit salad... yeah 4 wiggles on a show, sounds like "fruit" salad to me.

Caillou: daily lessons in how to whine.

So what we have here is a difference of opinion, and mine isnt changing.

Love you


Joker said...

How about discovery Kids?

I keep encouraging my kids in class to see more of that rather than the pokemon and other animie series. GAH! But llike you said it prolly has its advantages of keeping them still...

Bree said...

There are some shows I can't stand and thus refuse to let the young'un watch. The Doodle Bops being one of them. Oobi being another. And Fairly Odd Parents. And My Dad is A Rock Star. And TelleTubbies. And Barney...

But come on Cheez..SpongeBob SquarePants is some great entertainment.

We run mostly on Dora and Sesame Street with a little Blues Clues now and again.

Dak-Ind said...

lol, im a firm believer in tv. the pediatrician says no tv until he is two. the pediatrician doesnt live in my house and need to wash the dishes. im pretty old school though. mister rogers is in reruns on pbs. i seriously think mister rogers should be made a saint. and blues clues... comn, have you seen Joe? i LOVE blues clues.

S said...

I have to admit that the living room tv is always on for Cooper to enjoy. I'm sure like your household that doesn't mean they are sitting in front of it the entire day. Usually Cooper is playing on the floor with his train or even in his room. However if I turn it off he will object, so it's basically background noise.

Some shows are a bit loopy; but there are so meny others that really teach them alot of neat things. Cooper, 3, can say some spanish thanks to Dora. He knows when I start singing Bear's "Clean up the house" song to start putting up his toys. He knows about sharing..... etc.

DH doesn't argue with me about anything other than Teletubbies or Barney; but then I'm not a fan of them.

peebugg said...

I guess I am lucky that I don't know what a doodle bop is, brain is still warped from 3 years of Barney and I am still have to watch the Teletubbies.........Alec is using Ashton's hand-me-down tapes. But at least they are better than watching Yugio all the time and the boys always dueling.

Hang in there.

Chicka said...

We are a Wiggle Free zone now, but I have to say Barney allowed me to get some cleaning done. And it helped on a very long trip in which we had to sing every single Barney song known to man lest she scream at decibels that would shatter the windshield. (We still have no idea what her malfunction was that day, but when we realized the Barney songs kept her quiet, we didn't question it. It was Barney songs as self-defense at that point.)

Now we're a Barney-free zone. They're old enough that they've fallen into Iron Chef (our 8 year old's fave) and Discovery Kids, etc.

Connie and Rob said...

I am not a mommy but I am extremely impressed by children these days and how motivated they are to learn. Sorry to say but I know they get that from those silly little cartoons. What might be annoying to us really catches the kiddies attention.

All we had when we were little was Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner and Flintstones. Those sure didn't stimulate the mind.

Joker said...

how is kayden doing? have you started on the presciption? hope everythings going good! *HUGS*