Friday, September 23, 2005


Over the past couple of days, several catalogs selling Halloween decorations and costumes have hit our mailbox. We've had a great time looking at all the "scary" things inside. Kayden is very exited and doesn't quite understand that there will be lots of days until the day of joy! He has decided that he wants to be Christopher Robin and carry his favorite Pooh Bear with him. I think this will be very cute! Especially with mom and dad trailing behind dressed as Tigger and Eeyore! Now I've just got to figure out how to make the costumes!


peebugg said... are quite adventureous. I made AJ a killer jester costume once but I didn't sew it I used hot glue!!!!

I think you guys well look so cute...What will DramaTeen be??? A huffalump???hahah..just kidding

Who is going to be Tigger?

Bree said...

How cute! Take lots of pictures!

Chicka said...

Oooh, Drama - use hooded sweatsuits, felt and hot glue (or just tack on items if you plan to reuse the sweatsuits).

That's how I made my oldest daughter's first three halloween costumes!

Strude said...


Didn't I just set off fireworks last week?

Joker said...

we might just have a theme party at the hotel for haloween:)

Dave said...

The wonderful thing about daddies is daddies are wonderful things, the tops are made out of blubber their bottoms are too.

They're bouncy, flouncy, pouncy, trouncy, fun fun fun fun fun!

But the wost wonderful thing about daddies, is I'm the only one....

Wait.... no I'm not!

Woo hoo hoo HOO!

S said...

Oh that sounds cute. I've always wanted us to dress up in coordinating costumes. But this year.... I'd really really really like to just skip halloween.