Friday, September 09, 2005


What happens when you run out of spot carpet cleaner because your whole carpet is one big, dirty spot!?! I have been scrubbing on my front room carpet's "high traffic area" and have so far gone through a can of cleaner. What has happened is that the traffic area is cleaner, and that makes the rest of the carpet look like crap. I really need to have the thing cleaned, it's just that I have no money to do it. What we really need is new carpet. It is blue, old, and very ugly. It was pretty bad when we moved in 4 years ago, but now it is totally hideous! It does match my ugly blue hand me down furniture though.

I wish I had a million dollars! genie! Crap!


Hollie The Mom said...

I BE into you often and this was sooo wierd the last two post I am so thinking did I wirte those? My Bug guy came Thursady though and Wed was my cleaning out the clostest and the house day since I had the day off for a Doctor's appointment but I sooo get the feeling like you are mentaly getting dissed by the bug guy when they see your trashed house!
The only good thing about my bug guy he looks like Randy Travis.. But even that has the down side of he is married to a very cool chick and I never see him since I work when he goes to spray ohh well LOL

We ended up thought with 5 boxes of donations for Hurricane victims and decluttered ALOT! Clean sweep would have been so proud

Joker said...

have you thought of trying the home made cleaners thats shown in the ladies mags?

Kodijack said...

That is a stunning profile pic, nice job. And I enjoyed your posts. Thank you.

piggy twister said...

Just be thankful that you have no cats..