Monday, August 22, 2005

Shrinking Violet

You would not believe how healthy we are eating! I have to give myself props for making such tasty and healthy food. What is the result of all this goodness?? My husband is losing a ton of weight, and I am not. Yes, the first week had a significant loss, but after that...ZILCH! My husband is getting lots of comments on how great he looks and really, I'm happy for him. He is looking great! But I still look like a fat cow! Waaaaaa! I'm not giving up though, I've got to make some progress sometime. I haven't had fried food for a real coke for WEEKS! I'm totally eating a ton of fruits and veggies, whole grains and pounds of chicken. Alas...nothing!

I'm gonna have a little ice cream now. Don't's low fat and sugar free. Yum.


Bree said...

It seems like men always lose weight faster. No fair!!

peebugg said...

I'm glad for him. You're time will come.

My dad lost 25lbs on the 1st 2 weeks of atkins and now he is at a stand still.

I think men lose it fast and first but then it becomes hard. With women it's a struggle but since we are bullheaded and stubborn we can endure and continue the diet.

Hang in there and think lite happy thoughts.

SalGal said...

It's called Coke Zero, honey. Looks like Coke, smells like Coke, tastes like Coke, but it has zero calories!!! And no, it's not diet Coke and it's not Diet Coke with Splenda (barf!!). It's COKE ZERO. God's personal gift to me in my quest for weight loss.

drama mama said...

You're right there Salgal. Coke Zero is yummy! I've got them stocked in my fridge! Think I'll grab one now!