Thursday, August 04, 2005

How Do You Vote??

This is for all those Blog Explosion, Battle of the Blog enthusiasts.

What is the criteria you use in voting? Is it content? Aesthetics? Who votes for you? As for me, I try to be completely unbiased. I vote by content, not necessarily by who voted for me. Most of the time, I don't even look to see who voted.

I think it's a fun way to waste a little time! (and credits!) So, I guess I'll continue to wager, and hopefully win a few!


stacee said...

content + design.

but what always wins me over is a rant/post about botb right when the page loads.

i think most of it is pretty unfair, and people judge based on the win/lose ratio and who they think will win rather than who they like better.

Courtney said...

Same as above- content + design. I try and go by content first because not everybody, myself included, is HTML inclined or can afford a professional redesign. If both contents bore me or are both very good then I'll go by design.

Automatic music or popup and I'll close your window without reading a thing. You aren't getting my vote.

Tons of blinkies will turn me away. It's distracting.

Uhm... what else... if you have a long post break it up into many sections like I'm doing with this comment. It makes it easier to read.

That's about how I vote. I will never vote for someone strictly to get the credits. It's not worth enough credits for me to do that.

Lisa said...

I agree! There are certain things that are immediate turn-offs (dark pages that are hard to read, etc) You write in dark blue on a black background, you aren't getting my vote.

Other than that I follow my guts.

Just Wandering said...

If something about their first post catches my eye and I think to myself that I would like to make a comment on that page, I'll usually vote for them.

No offense but your profile pic is a little cheezy so sometimes I don't vote for you because of that :)

Mona said...

content and design (if I can read it without hurting my eyes), I'm a visual person so photos win out with me.

I guess if I can relate to the content. Computer or non-personal blogs, I usually do not vote for.

Ash Sere said...

Almost entirely on content - unless design is anger-making!

I'm generally a pretty neutral kinda guy though...

peebugg said...

I vote on content. Mainly on the 1st appearing blog and then I have been going two or three down.

The appearance isn't a big factor unless it's too busy and I can't figure it out (there are a few like that out there)

*Skittles* said...

I vote for blogs that are different and special. I like your blog. I only found it because of Blog advance. I seem to come here a lot. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't think your picture is cheesy. I like your blog because it is good, clean family fun.

Rik said...

I mainly focus on design of the blog. probably because I'm a design freak who focusses on design in every aspect of life.

Jason said...

I go by the "what have you done for me lately" rule, i.e. what posts have you made lately? You could be the best blog in the world, but if you publish a boring or otherwise unfavorable post, you may lose to the worst blog in the world with an uncommonly good post.

If its a toss up on recent postings, I'll usually look to the topic/purpose of the blog. I'll usually choose something with a specific purpose over just another blog ranting about their feelings or a mess of obscure nonsensical postings.

If it is still a toss-up, I'll go with blog design. Generic blogger templates of course fall shallow, while unique attractive designs gain points. I don't care if someone hired another to create the design as long as it is appealing to my eye.