Monday, August 08, 2005

Here goes again

How many diets have you been on?? I think my whole teenage/adult life has been spent either starting or cheating on some diet or another. Do you know any of those people who can eat anything and never gain weight?? I know them, but that's not me.

So today, I start again. I am starting on a plan with my good friend Sharree and we're going to see what we can do. We have planned and prepared, and today was jumping off point! So far, so good! I feel good about the plans and have every intention of staying on this for the long run. What is discouraging is that I keep loosing and gaining the same pounds over and over, never getting to where I really need to be. I don't know what happens to me, I just continue to fail, fail, fail!

I really want to be successful. I want to like myself. I want to be healthy.

I'll let you know how it goes.


SalGal said...

Speaking from years of experience, here's the thing about going on a diet... eventually you have to come off of it. And then what? All of a sudden, that weight miraculously stays off?


I've even had gastric bypass surgery. 10 years later? GAINED IT ALL BACK. Now granted, that was my fault. Nobody forced me into the drive-thrus of choice over the years. Nobody glued my butt to the couch.

Just don't diet. Change your lifestyle. Plan a way of eating and being active (or not) for the rest of your life, because that's what it takes to be healthy. Not skinny, not rail-thing, but healthy.

Good luck!!!

peebugg said...

Share the plan details .... us "dumplings" in NM wanna know.

My dad went on the Atkins diet again last week. He got so cranky Sunday that I offered him carbs...hehehehe....needless to say that didn't help the cranky-ness

Good luck!!!

Dottie DoTell said...

My best advice:
Eat Healthy, Work out, Drink lots of water.

skip the fads.

Best of luck

Chicka said...

Do share, hon. I want to like myself, too. ::sigh:: I'll blog it someday, but everything I've tried is getting me nowhere. (And I drink tons of water, so that isn't it!)