Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As many of you correctly guessed from my last post, all boys went to bed without doing what I had asked. The daddy even came downstairs, sat on the chair, surrounded by the things I asked him to pick up, watched a little TV, then went to bed. The teenager did not make another appearance downstairs. As the daddy drifted off to sleep, I began to yell! He pretended he was asleep and I stormed out to the couch. That was that!

The next morning, the daddy got up an angrily started to straighten the family room, throwing things loudly to where they belong. He then left for work without a word to me. Now here's where I have a problem....why did he have a right to be mad?? I am the one with all the "mad" rights. Later he told me he "forgot". I can understand that he may have forgotten while he was working upstairs, but when he descended the stairs and saw the mess was still there, shouldn't that have jogged his memory?? Sometimes I think that forgetting things is very convenient. I might try it sometime. "I forgot it was dinner time."

I told the teenager that it hurt my feelings when I ask him to do things and he ignores it. I may not be so ready to let him hang out at his friends this weekend, or pick him up at school when he doesn't feel like walking. He ended up putting a load of dishes in, saying he'd put in another load when they were finished. He didn't. They will be waiting for him after school.

Ooooo....I was the mean, mean momma yesterday! I hope things will get better today.


peebugg said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Don't let up on them. They need to help. Have you tried making lists??? They didn't work for me but they might for you.

peebugg said...

I forgot to say something.

You were the one who definately had the "mad rights" there. He should of tip-toed around you picking up the mess, not being noisy so you would notice.

But men think differently than we do!!

ME Strauss said...

Well-told story.

Sometimes what worked for me was to say, "Do you really want to think of yourself as someone who just blows off ____ when someone asks you to do it.?"

I have a friend who says every married woman is a single parent.


Chicka said...

I feel your pain.

And yes, every married woman with children is a single mother.

Mike gripes about his job (pushing sponges around with a towmotor) and how he works 12 hours a day (but neglects to talk about the 15 days a month he has off!) - and how I'm his wife, should be making dinner, cleaning the house, etc. Um, pal - which era do YOU live in? I have a job, too! I work 6 hours a day, am on call 24/7 for kids, house, etc. AND I'm supposed to take care of/clean up after you? You're a grown man. Learn how to open a can o' meal your damn self.

Ohhh, I got all ranty. I'm sorry.

((HUGS))) You go girl. I just popped a balloon the girls were playing with because they kept playing with it instead of cleaning up the living room like they were asked (of thier mess, not mine). I don't give too many warnings anymore.

SalGal said...

You definitely had the mad rights. Since I am mean and vindictive, I would go in the direction of a guilt trip now. I myself have the most fabulous husband in the universe and he pretty much does everything I ask him to. So if you have a great husband, too, then just sit down with him and say, "Hey honey? I am going a little nutso here and I need help. This is what I need you to do, and I need to not have to remind you about it." Then list what it is you need and remind him to be thinking about it so you don't have to.

As for the teen and the dishes, maybe I would serve his next meal on the dishes he last used, without washing them first. Tell him that since he forgot to do the dishes, you didn't have a clean one for him.

Growing Up said...

My kids and husband are the same all of them have selective hearing they do what they want to do but when you ask them to do something they pretend they can't hear you. Sometimes i just think its a man thing because my son is just like his father.