Saturday, August 20, 2005

Good Times, Good Times

We all had fun at the party last night! We played games, listened to music, and ate snacks! (Healthy Snacks too!) So far, I have suffered no ill effects from all the cleaning and stress! Ya-hoo! Since my house is sparkling, I'm having a great day just relaxing, except for the trip to the pool for swimming lessons.

Tonight, Dave and I are going to have a date! Yea! What a great weekend!


peebugg said...

Remember what you told kissing on the first

I'm glad it went well and you survived the cleaning frenzy.

My favorite and unfollowed motto:

Clean as you go and
your mess will not show.

Bree said...

I love when the house is clean. It makes me feel so good. I just can't figure out how 1/2 a day can make it a disaster again.

Chicka said...

LOL Bree - that's how it is around here. By the time I hit room #3, the kids have demolished room #1. Oy!

Drama - WOOT! Hot date! Whatcha gonna wear?