Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gimme A Break!

My child is making me crazy today! He threw the HUGEST fit after swimming when it was time to go home. The more I talked, the louder he screamed. My friend's baby was asleep, and I was trying to keep him quiet while I gathered up our things. He just went ballistic! I finally managed to drag him to the car, where he continued to bawl!
I tried talking, I tried a swat on his bum, I have had it!

When we got home, I put his straight to bed. He has now sneaked out of his room 3 times refusing to take a nap. He is exhausted. I am exhausted!!

Mommy needs a time out!


peebugg said...


SalGal said...

He's 4, right? It's the age. My son is doing it too and it's a good thing that my friends are very understanding because otherwise, I'm sure somebody would've called CPS on me by now for how much I yell at him! Good luck. Maybe he's starting kindergerten this year like mine is!

Lou said...

wow. I am so there with you. Jonas too.

Let's take the time out together. How about Aruba? We could find a cute cabana boy. . .actually sleep for a few minutes. . .

OldGuy said...

Indeed mommies to need time outs once in a while. It's good for them and it's good for the kids.

Take care of yourself.

Clublint said...

I agree you need to take time out for yourself.

I've got three kids and I have gone through that stage every time with all of then.

A swat on the bum worked for the first two but the last one had buns of steel and continued to be a little brat right up till she went to primary school.

Lock him in his room and pretend he's not there for a while. He could also be reacting off of you and he's noticed you're tense.

Kids have a knack for sensing that kind of thing too.

I'm sorry :(


Jona said...

Ugh, been there, done that!

You have my sympathies, and if it's any consolation - there will come a day when these things are past (and you get to quietly smile at the memory as you watch another young mother suffer the same fate ;o))

scriblegurl said...

I was a good girl when i was young, but i guess that's bcuz my parents know the difference between abusing a child n teaching the child, we lived in the philippines then, n whenever i got that bad, i'd just get spanked so hard, that i kept good, i was scared of my parents, someday (i hope) ur child will finall listen n all the crazy fits will just b a memory, if it doesn't end that way, then you'll have my symphathies, n u already have them now
good luck

Chicka said...

A swat never killed anybody, so try not to feel badly if you do. Sometimes it's the only thing that redirects that attention and stops that fit.

Now Maggie's getting the idea that when she starts having a fit, I say either "turn it off!" or "zip it up" and she knows it had better stop NOW. She does, too, that little drama queen.

This too shall pass. And if not, there's always Xanax.