Saturday, August 27, 2005


I have been so sick the last few days! It has been years since I've had the stomach flu, and now I remember how horrible it is! I've been in bed with the aches and chills for parts of three days! My poor tummy has been rumbly and felt like there was a rock sitting on top of it. Horrible! I'm so glad it's starting to go away! I hope no one else in my family gets it, although that's unlikely. I've been spraying on the Lysol to try to prevent it...hope it works!

I took Kayden to a Birthday Party this evening over at Chuck E. Cheese's. Oh my heck! I never want to be there on a Saturday again! They were having 6 parties and once, plus all the other people. It was so noisy and crazy! Plus I felt like crap! Time for a nap for mom!


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.

peebugg said...

What better place to go when you feel like spewing????

I'm glad you are starting to get better.

Make all the guys wear surgical masks!!!! At least they will be able to entertain you.

and look above me, you have a cyber admirer!!!!