Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Whistle While You Work

Today, I am attempting to reclaim my house from all of the dirt and trash that has accumulated, due to having three boys, a dad, and one lazy me living in it. This is not a one day job! It may take all week! It was so bad today, that I didn't even let the bug guy in to spray!

All the work made me so hungry, that I actually ate on of those frozen dinners my husband takes to work. It was the "Mexican Fiesta" variety. All I can say is, it must compare to eating Mexican Food in Pennsylvania, made by someone who's never even met a Mexican!

Well, it's back to the grindstone!
Dust Bunnies...BEWARE!! I'll catch up to you sooner or later!


Scott-O-Rama said...

Be careful fighting those dust bunnies.

The dust bunnies in my house have formed their own simple language and have organized against me. I think I hear them plotting right now!

Dave said...


It's an invasion! We found a 4 pounder under Vegan boys bed.

peebugg said...

I think you should listen to Van Halen--1984 and some Bon Jovi and get jiggy with those bunnies.

If they start banging their heads, they will fall apart.