Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday Fun

Today, The Daddy, is sick ( hope you feel better soon, honey!) So the boys and I ventured off to church alone. Boy, did we miss The Daddy! Drama Boy was having a particularly uncooperative day today. He almost kicked the lady sitting in front of us with his shiny "Sunday shoes", then reached up and "petted" her newborn baby not so gently on the face! When it was time for him to go to his class, he screamed bloody murder!

"I don't want to go...I don't want to see my friends...I don't want to be happy!"

I went in with him for awhile, sitting in one of those teeny, tiny, child-size church seats. I was able to sneak out halfway through, however, under the ruse of finding my lost purse! Now as I sit typing, I hear from the computer room upstairs,

"It wasn't me, I didn't do it!"

Since he's alone, I'd better go check on what he "didn't" do!

So much for Sunday being a "day of rest!"


Jessica said...

Oh, what fun. Always keeping things exciting, kids are. Hopefully he "didn't" do anything to bad for you. LOL!

D Magus said...

Ha ha. I know what you're talking about. My kids are in the phase of pointing to the other when 'something' happens. Though the tell-tale signs are usually when all's quiet.

Jami said...

Ah, since Strude works on Sundays, I am all to familiar with the adventure of taking the kids to church by myself. Glad you can joke about it! That means you haven't quite hit the point of insanity.

OldGuy said...

A day of rest ?

When you have kids ?

ha ha ha ha

Chicka said...

So what happened! I'm dying to know.