Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday Is A Special Day

Well, really, it's not. At least not today! I have spent the day in bed lying next to my little one who was feeling generally crappy and running a fever. Saturday TV is HORRIBLE! It's one informercial after another. I paused to watch one for a second, where there was a skinny girl who had tried out one of the many exercise tapes out there. I was interested until I heard her say, "Power 90 helped me go from a size 6 to a size 0!"

Oh my gosh!! What a rough life to be a size 6!! If only I could know such grief! I haven't seen the single digits since Jr. High!!


Strude said...

One of my favorite infomercials was one for the Aero Bed In A Minute. They actually had two sumo wrestlers wrestle on the bed to show how strong it was. Classic.

peebugg said...

Jr. High--Jr. High........My single digits were in 6th grade.....I hope your sprout gets to feeling better.

Chicka said...

You know, I was just gonnan blog about that this week. I was thinking, WTF? I would KILL to be a size six!!

It simply adds to society's view that you ain't nothing if you're not skinny as you can be. (She didn't even look like a size 0 to be honest.)

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